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Growing up in Minnesota, Bill spent his childhood learning two things: that the Vikings are better than the Packers no matter how much the facts say otherwise, and that ideas are the coolest things in the universe. He loves to figure out ways to understand ideas, explain ideas, and even think up some of his own ideas.

Taking his "Minnesota Nice" on the road, he moved to Los Angeles by way of New York and found work editing video, programming apps, writing stories, and building idea engines. Along the way, he met the love of his life and became a husband and father, and today he happily lives with his family in the sunny San Fernando Valley.

Recent Projects

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Blundernagging Brothers Storybook App

Featuring a full cast, original music, and narration by Emmy Award-winner Maurice LaMarche, this app brings to life the storybook The Bafflegagging Blundernagging Brothers. Bill was responsible for animating and assembling the media for 170+ page book app, as well as building the attendant menus, logic, and effects. Using Cocoa Touch and the Cocos2d library, he also made the images conform to different screen sizes in order to accomodate both iPads and iPhones.

Sesame Street Videos

As animatic and color editor, Bill worked with Bob Boyle and Brad Mossman to assemble their music video animations for use as Sesame Street interstitials. In addition to timing the animatic for animation and prepping the final video for layback, Bill was also responsible for color correction and minor animation fixes. The videos were then brought to Sesame Street by the number 20 and the letter Y!

The Letter Y
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Animation Asset Management System

Bill designed, oversaw construction, and contibuted to the development of a studio-wide asset management and workflow engine for a mid-sized animation company using FileMaker Pro. Aspects of this system included establishing security access levels, inventing a way to track production dividers such as scenes; building an asset system that inculded version control, approvals, assignments, and usage tracking; creating tools to handle scheduling, script management, overseas delivery, and post-production; and built separate databases to handle studio support and inventory as well as external access for freelance artists.

Machine of Death Short Story

Collaborating with his brother John, Bill wrote and submitted a short story to the editors of Machine of Death, an anthology of stories about people who can find out how they will die via a simple blood test. Over 1,900 stories were submitted, but their story "Meat Eater" was selected for inclusion in the anthology's second volume, slated for release in Fall 2012.

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